Web Designer & Video Editor

Westlake TMJ

While working for Goldn LLC., a client called me and inquired about a Google Ad campaign and how it could benefit his small dental practice. His dental practice focused in TMJ disorders and nerve treatment – quite a niche topic! He recently started offering Expert Witness services, and wanted to promote it. 

After explaining how a fresh landing page and Google Ad campaign could give his business and expert witness services a jolt, he decided on a price and I got to work on creating a new ad campaign and landing page. This was a challenge because his specialty was rare!


  • Custom landing page on his own domain
  • Contact form that emailed responses directly to his inbox
  • Call tracking feature that recorded all calls for analytic purposes
  • Curated set of keywords and ad copy for the Google Ads campaign. Bet you don’t know what a trigeminal nerve is! 😅 
  • Frequent status reports on the ad performance. After an initial 30 days of data gathering, we improved the ad performance by culling/pausing keywords that were not performing and increased the location radius of where the ads were displayed.
Westlake TMJ Landing Page